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A black and white drawing of a Fasnacht mask.

The Helvetia Fasnacht Mask Museum preserves the history and artifacts of Fasnacht, an end-of-winter celebration similar to Mardi Gras. At Fasnacht, participants wear masks to scare away Old Man Winter who is burned on a bonfire at midnight after a candlelight parade and square dance. Fasnacht celebrations are common in Switzerland but rare in the United States.

The Fasnacht Mask is an essay that explains the festival and the mask's importance.

The Fasnacht Mask Museum is located in Kultur Haus Helvetia, the building which also houses the Helvetia General Store, Post Office, and Alpen Lodge. You will find masks spread throughout the General Store and the Alpen Lodge, nestled among t-shirts and decorating hallways.

All masks are donations and we owe a tremendous Thank You to those who put so much hard work and thought into their creations, then give them to the community! If you have a mask to donate, please send us an E-mail or drop it off when you are in Helvetia.

A Catalog of Masks is under development. If you can provide information on any of the masks please send an E-mail to and reference the mask name or asset #. A paper copy of the Catalog will be kept in the Kultur Haus and you are invited to write in additional information.